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Developer: BrilliantConcept

The iE6B is the ultimate aviation solution for the iPhone™ and iPod® touch. Never be without vital aviation calculations. Move beyond stumbling with a large, bulky, glorified slider-ruler. The iE6B literally fits right in your pocket, and goes where you go.

The iE6B was designed from the ground-up to be the most complete solution for the iPhone and iPod touch. The functions built into the application provide all the capabilities of a traditional E6-B flight computer, in the convience of a digital form.


* Solve for Time, Speed, or Distance
* Calculating Wind Correction Angle and Groundspeed
* Calculating Headwind and Crosswind components
* Find the Wind Direction and Speed based on how it is affecting your airplane
* Calculate Fuel Requirements and Endurance Time
* Convert between different units for
o Distance (Meters, Kilometers, Feet, Statue Miles, Nautical Miles)
o Volume (Gallons, Liters)
o Weight (Pounds, Kilograms
o Temperature (Fahrenheit, Celcius)
* Customize the units used when entering values


"Can I use metric or statue units in the calculations?"

Yes! Go to the Settings application and select the iE6B icon to see the options for the application. One of the options you can change is the units for Speed, Distance, and Volume calculations.


"The value ranges are too limited. I need to do calculations with airspeeds faster than 200 Kts."

You can change the maximum value of the sliders in the Settings application. Each field has a maximum value that can be changed to a new maximum that is more convenient to you.